Homestyle Boarding

Our “Homestyle” pet boarding offers a place where your dogs can enjoy the sounds and interaction of a busy household. And for our pet sitting clients, your dogs have the additional benefit of knowing and feeling comfortable with us already.

Unlike in a kennel, your dogs days will be filled with one-to-one playtime in our large, fully fenced back
yard, walks in our neighbourhood or close-by forest trails, and snoozes in just about any spot in the house
they choose. All adventures away from the property are ON leash. In the evenings, your dog will enjoy
watching a Jays or Leafs game, a movie in the comfort of our living room, or engage in the ever popular
indoor game, “Can you get the ball away from Paula?” Then it turns to quiet time, ear rubs, and shoulder
massages before settling down to bed.

Have you ever wondered about your dog’s midnight thoughts in a kennel or other new place? We have. We’ve listened to the soft snores of contented pups, tiptoed down the hall to check on dreaming woofing
dogs, and sat side-by-side on the carpet with nervous dogs, chatting quietly, until they’ve drifted off to sleep.

We’ve raised a beautiful Golden Retriever from four weeks to sixteen and a half years – taken-in two older
rescued Goldens and loved them for the rest of their lives, and cared for our friends’ and neighbours’ dogs
while they’ve been on vacation. In short – we’ve lived in a dog house!

Boarding comes with a few changes

Since boarding can involve interaction with another family’s dog during cross-over days, it’s a little different
to our regular pet sitting. We have vaccination requirements in place to ensure
everyone stays healthy and our insurance company is happy.

Unfortunately, in general we will not be taking-in pups under one year, dogs who have not been spayed or neutered, dogs who are very assertive or who do not get along with other dogs, or dogs with insulin-dependent diabetes. Please speak with us for your individual circumstances.

First come – first serve

We’d like to have a full house but to keep our home calm and the experience for your dog peaceful, safe, and fun, we’ve settled on a first-come first-serve policy. If your dog is booked first, we will weigh our decision on taking in any further bookings during cross-over days based on how we feel your dog would react to them. We can’t predict the future or know how the chemistry will work, but we’ll do our best. Rest assured that dogs from different households are separated when unattended, which would be a total maximum of two- to three-hours a day, split into segments.


We ask for $37/night (plus tax) for one dog or $58 for two from the same household. Extra time needed on pick-up day is rated accordingly.

Please call or email us for information on drop-off and pick-up hours or setting up a meeting to visit our
home with your pup.